At Home with Sous Vide: A New Cookbook You Can Help Make Happen


An Aussie sous vide pioneer is crowdsourcing a new cookbook. At the time of this post, he only needed a couple of hundred dollars to meet his goal. It’s definitely worth checking out, and if you feel so moved, helping him hit his target.

The aforementioned pioneer, Dale Prentice, has written the text for the book, with lots of insight in to sous vide cooking and tricks for best results. The recipes are by Dale and contributions from chefs and bloggers from around the world. They have some amazing contributors and a truly diverse set of recipes for sous vide cooks of every level.

Photo by author Dale Prentice.

Photo by author Dale Prentice.

Contributing chefs: Bruno Goussalt, Nathan Myhrvold, Wylie Dufresne, Shannon Bennett, Phillipe Mouchel, Stefan Cosser, Brad Farmerie, Spencer Patrick, Jarrod Hudson, Martin Boetz, Shane Delia, Anthony Fullerton, Mark Ebbels, James Blight, Patrick Dang, George Diamond, Dallas Cuddy, Kirby Craig, Adam Draper, Pablo Tordesilla, Ryan Clift, Michael Ryan, Jason Logsdon, J.Kenji Lopez-Alt, Harold and Christine Fleming, Raymond Capaldi, Christine Manfield, Florent Gerardin, Joe Strybel, Wayne Smith, Garen Maskal, Roberto Cortez, Andrew Dargue, Tom Randalph, Darren Purchase, Madalene Bonvini-Hamel and David Roberts.

Support Cooking – At Home with Sous Vide.

UPDATE: 30 September — The project hit its initial funding goal yesterday, but you still have a few days to contribute if you’d like one of the available donor perks.

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